Home Automation Features

Customize your house with the latest home automation system that conserves energy as it integrates Crestron for custom application solutions while giving you one touch control of your house.

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Intelligent home solutions are the current trend in automated houses across the world. Currently people throughout Ventura are turning to a smart home control system to guarantee remote access.



Be confident with our home security and automation systems

  • Increase security 
  • Monitor remotely
  • Manage access
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Install a home lighting control system

  • Save energy
  • Customize light settings
  • Simplify control
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Have your intelligent home control the shades for you.

  • Solar protection
  • Glare control
  • Reduce heat gain
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Use the best home automation software to kick in the AC automatically 

  • Home arrival features
  • Reduced energy
  • Weather accountability
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Complete your smart house with an outdoor TV.

  • Weatherproof systems
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Lighting systems
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How to make your house a smart home:

Our Crestron CPI Solutions experts can build your ideal smart home of the future. For instance, they are Crestron certified as well as dedicated to providing each customer with the ideal Audio Visual System. In addition, we offer services Monday – Friday with availability for consultations over the phone. Furthermore we use technology that guarantees high quality output while creating an ideal design set up for each house. As a result we give our customers the best options available.

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